“I have been using Corrina as my business consultant and she has helped my business a ton.  I have an apparel store in long beach and her coaching is helping me bring more business in than ever.  Our meetings have been so important to the success of my business.  Thanks for always being there for me!”

~Devanial Owner of Diverse Designs

“I hired Corrina as my consultant to help my restaurant grow.  It’s been great working with her.  I have been her client for a little over a year now.  She really cares about making my place a success.  Since we hired her we have grown so much in the past year.  So great to have her!”

Gina owner of Famous Tandoori

“Corrina quickly helped me identify which part of my business I genuinely enjoy the most and want to invest in and develop. From there, she helped me identify new potential streams of income and gave me a concrete, actionable plan that I’m excited to implement. This coaching session was exactly what I needed to help get me moving forward! I also witnessed Corrina consult with another client in a totally different kind of business and was equally impressed with her knowledge and ability to offer unique, valuable insight, as well as a path to achieve their goals. I highly recommend Corrina and Business Growth Strategies!”

Angela freelance business Videoagrapher

“Corrina is an exceptional business consultant! Speaking with her about my business expansion left me feeling inspired and enlightened. She tailored a specific plan to assist me in taking the next steps to reach my business goals. Thank you, Corrina and Business Growth Strategies.”

Ellie owner of LA Apple Boxes