Business Plan Growth

The Benefits to One on One Coaching

  • Save hundreds of dollars every month cutting costs and expenses
  • Multiply your earnings by selling your most profitable product or service!
  • Find new client sources with your new business relationships
  • Stay busy year round
  • Grow your earnings as great as 25-50%
  • More time servicing clients and less time looking
  • Three months of Growth Support to ensure your success!

What’s Included

  • Discuss your business’ current state
  • Review current business plan, business goals v. actual
  • Identify new business partners (client sources)
  • Strategize on how to target these new clients 
  • Develop action plan to gain client source and meet your goals
  • Once a week Professional business coach for motivation and support!
  • Customize your Business Plan Spread sheet
  • Analyze Profit Margins/Product Breakdown
  • SWOT Analysis 
  • Identify Key Revenue Trends

My Steps for your Success

At the end of the meeting I will develop a plan for you to get this new business.  I write a step by step action plan to help you achieve your business goals.  I email this plan to you so you can keep it and follow it to success.  I provide the Money Matrix excel document that analyzes your client sources.

After the initial plan is written I provide business coaching to help you along the way.  Business coaching is given once a week for the first 60 days after your initial plan.  This will ensure your success and offer you guidance on difficult challenges along the way. I am committed to helping your business flourish and succeed! Call me for a free initial consultation!

Grow your business now!

Business Plan Coaching Session

1 Hr Face to Face or over the phone meeting