Proven Success

Fortune 100 and Inc 100 Sales Coaching & Business Management

Award winning management: Corrina uses Inc 100 sales techniques to get the most out of each customer interaction. These techniques have been driving profits at Fortune 100 companies for over 90 years. Let her show your staff how it can work for your business.

Corrina is a true business consulting professional. For over 10 years she was an award winning manager and a business-to-business sales executive at Fortune 100 and Inc 100 organizations such as Enterprise-Rent-a-Car and W.W. Grainger. This experience gave her the skills to turn around multiple business locations from running in the red to being profitable and in the black. She has well rounded business expertise in operations, customer service, sales, and management. In addition, Corrina is a straight shooter and operates with the utmost integrity and transparency. She is known for having life-long customers which she earned by putting their needs first.

Corrina has the knowledge and persistence to get it done. She has worked in a variety of business verticals such as retail, distribution, light and heavy manufacturing, transportation, business services, automotive, food processing, hospitality, and healthcare. Through this past experience she knows how to grow any business type using universal business strategies.